Chicago Tribune: ICUQTS broadens the reach of EXPO Chicago to uplifting queer artwork by Britt Julious


Scapi Magazine: Art On The Dance Floor: Thirteen Glimpses From ICUQTS by Noa/h Fields

Scapi Magazine: Getting Our Lives At ICUQTS: An Interview With TRQPITECA by Noa/h Fields

Elastic Arts: "Protection" Exhibition Announcement (2018)

Newcity: Newcity Breakout Artists: Chicago's Next Generation of Image Makers by Elliot Reichert

Sixty Inches From Center: Intimate Justice: An Interview with Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero by S. Nicole Lane

Newcity: Silence Still Means Death: The DePaul Art Museum Refocuses the History and Present of the Ongoing AIDS Crisis by Kerry Cardoza





2010 Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

2006 Valedictorian, Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School, Hialeah, FL



2018-19 Registrar, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL



2018 You will be the archivist of your desires HATCH Projects Exhibition Closing (curator: Ariel Gentalen), Chicago Art Department, Chicago

2018 Guardian Angel (Protection by Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero Exhibition Closing Performance), Elastic Arts, Chicago

2017 Neptune Beach, THAWALLS, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL (collab with Natalie Murillo & Holly Chernobyl)

2017 Glitter Beach Oasis, 2nd Floor Rear Performance Festival, AMFM Gallery, Chicago, IL

2016 Que Pasa USA (curator: Lynnette Miranda), La Esquina Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2015 Making Chances: 10 Years of Chances Dances (collab with Sofia Moreno) (curators: Lorelei Stewart and John Neff, Gallery 400, University of Illinois-Chicago, IL

2013 Summoning A New Queer Reality (curator: Chances Dances), Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

2013 Revival, Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Chicago, IL (curated by Jesse Morgan Young and Eric Hoff)

2013 Planet X: The Nu Fantastiik, Links Hall, Chicago, IL (directed by José Hernandez)



2018 ICUQTS: International Chicago Underground Queer Transcendance Symposium 2018 (curated by TRQPITECA), Chicago, IL

2017 New Earth: Caribbean Mythmaking, ACRE Projects, Chicago, IL (curated by Sabrina Grieg)

2017 THAWALLS, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL (curators: Threewalls and Links Hall)

2016 Que Pasa USA, La Esquina Gallery, Kansas City, MO (curated by Lynnette Miranda)

2016 Shape/Shift, Lost Arts, Chicago, IL

2015 Art Present Symposium - Gift Economies (curators: Dan Paz and Marilyn Volkman), Sometimes Art Space, Havana, Cuba

2015 Cuerpos Consumidos/Consuming Bodies, Fundación del Centro Cultural del México Contemporáneo, Mexico City, Mexico (curated by S+S Project and Perras de Museo)

2015 Making Chances (part of PLATFORM: 10 Years of Chances Dances), Gallery 400, University of      Illinois-Chicago, Chicago, IL (curated by Lorelei Stewart and John Neff)



2018 Protection by Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero, Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL



2015 The Last Five Years (part of PLATFORM: 10 Years of Chances Dances), The Nightingale Cinema, Chicago, IL (curator: Christy LeMaster)

2014 The Divine Feminine, Black Cinema House, Chicago, IL (curated by Rashayla Marie Brown)


2017-18  ICUQTS: International Chicago Underground Queer Transcendance Sympoisum 2018 presented by TRQPITECA, Chicago, IL

2015-17  TRQPITECA, Chicago, IL (collaboration with Natalie Murillo/La Spacer)

2015  PLATFORMS: 10 Years of Chances Dances, various locations, Chicago, IL (collaboration with Latham Owen Zearfoss and Aay Preston-Myint)

2012-16   CHANCES DANCES, various locations, Chicago, IL (collaboration with Latham Owen Zearfoss, Aay Preston-Myint, and Justin Mitchell)



2018 Site/Environment/Communities Undergraduate Class taught by Drea Howenstein, School of the Art Institute, Chicago

2018 Protection by Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero, Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL

2016 Queer Undergrounds and Punk Latinx World-Making with TRQPITECA, AS220, Providence, RI

2015 Respect, Negotiate: Mark Aguhar Memorial Grantee Panel Discussion, The Franklin, Chicago

2015 The Divine Feminine Panel Discussion, Black Cinema House, Chicago (curator:  Rashayla Marie Brown)



2018 MANA Contemporary Chicago-Miami Professional Residency (TRQPITECA), Miami, FL

2018 Hyde Park Art Center FLEX Residency, Chicago, IL

2016 ACRE Residency, WI



2018 Propeller Fund Award (awarded to TRQPITECA)

2017 Newcity Breakout Artist

2016 ACRE Residency Boricua Scholarship

2012   Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant Inaugural Recipient - Critical Fierceness Grant



2018 Young Cultural Steward Fellowship, Chicago Parks District, Piotrowski Park, Chicago



2018 Propeller Fund Award administered by ThreeWalls and Gallery 400, Chicago

2013-15 Critical Fierceness Grant administered by Chances Dances, Chicago



2018 Interview by Jared Brown of TRQPITECA for ICUQTS, Central Air Radio Chicago WHPK 88.5 FM

2018 Interview by Jesus Echevarria of TRQPITECA for ICUQTS, Vocalo Radio Chi WBEZ 90.5 FM



Michah E. Salkind, Do You Remember House? Chicago’s Queer of Color Undergrounds, 2019

ed. Aay Preston-Myint, PLATFORMS: Ten Years of Chances Dances Exhibition Catalogue, 2015

Kemi Adeyemi, “On Witchy Darkness: Un/Familiar Rhythms on the Queer Dance Floor” vol. tentatively titled Queer Nightlife, forthcoming



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