Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero is a multi-disciplinary artist who studies and uncovers the complexities of Caribbean heritage through ornate installations and captivating performance that create spaces for transformation. Their practice centers on the research, rediscovery, and reclamation of the cultural, spiritual, and artistic legacies of her queer, AfroCuban, and Puerto-Rican intersection. This research and reflection is expressed through visual art, music, and performance that combines natural, often tropical elements, and spiritual or magical processes. Guerrero uses materials such as sequins, beads, and glitter to reinforce the magical and the tropical in her aesthetic, as well as natural materials such as sand and leather. As a performance artist and DJ/musician, Jacquelyn goes by the name “CQQCHiFRUIT” which honors divine and feminine creative energy. Guerrero’s artistic practice includes co-organizing an artistic platform and event in Chicago called TRQPITECA, which features artists working with queer and tropical aesthetics.

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