Jacquelyn CARMEN Guerrero         IS            CQQCHIFRUIT

Photo by Kohl Murdock taken at Voyager New Year's Eve 2017

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Photo by Colectivo Multipolar taken at TRQPITECA

 As a DJ, CQQCHIFRUIT offers music reflective of her Miami upbringing, featuring tropical, Caribbean and Latin American genres such as salsa, merengue, dancehall and cumbia; Chicago, NuYorican, and global house; R&B and hip hop; global club music; and she specializes in music by women, queer artists, and divas. CQQCHFRUIT has guest DJed at events such as Party Noire, Stardust, Slo' Mo Party, FKA, and SoulPhonetics, at venues across Chicago like Smartbar, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin Nightclub, Boleo, & Canvas, across the US, and internationally in Cuba (Fabrica de Arte Cubano) and Canada (Texas Lounge).



TRQPiTECA is a unique cultural platform that creates space for local and international artists working with queer and tropical aesthetics to experiment, thrive, and celebrate life. Since 2015, resident DJs and co-founders CQQCHIFRUIT and La Spacer curate this environment through the incorporation of installation art, video art, soundscaping, and performances, with the intention of fostering creative engagement with the diverse communities of which we are a part.

CHANCES DANCES is a Chicago-based DJ and artist collective whose mission is to create safer spaces for all gender expressions, and dance parties that raise money for queer artists in Chicago via the Critical Fierceness Grant. Since 2005.