GLITTER BEACH (2015) - Glitter Beach is an installation that featuring a 20' wide by 10' tall tapestry made from deconstructed sequin garments, hung above a beach constructed with sand, salt, seashells, and glitter waves. Glitter Beach works to channel the spirit of the ocean by echoing both the ocean's aesthetic and spiritual beauty, and marking it as a site of miraculous cycles of birth, healing, death, and rebirth through performances by Guerrero and collaborators.


2017    THAWALLS, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL (curated by Threewalls and Links Hall)

​2017    2nd Floor Rear Performance Festival, AMFM Gallery, Chicago, IL (curate by Jonathan Sommers)

2016    Que Pasa USA, La Esquina Gallery, Kansas City, MO (curate by Lynnette Miranda)

2016    Shape/Shift, Lost Arts, Chicago, IL 

2015    Making Chances (part of PLATFORM: 10 Years of Chances Dances), Gallery 400, University of Illinois-Chicago, Chicago, IL (curated by Lorelei Stewart and John Neff) ​​ ​

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