Jacquelyn CARMEN Guerrero         IS            CQQCHIFRUIT


Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero (aka CQQCHIFRUIT) is a DJ, musician, performer and visual artist originally from Miami and based in Chicago. Guerrero received the Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant for Feminine-Spectrum Artists of Color in 2012. She is a co-founder of TRQPITECA, a nightlife event in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago featuring artists working with queer and tropical aesthetics, and an organizer of Chances Dances, a Chicago DJ/artist collective dedicated to building safer spaces for all gender identities. CQQCHIFRUIT has performed and exhibited across the US and internationally in Cuba, Mexico, and Canada. In 2016 they became a certified Reiki Master. Pronouns are SHE AND THEY 


Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero studies and uncovers the complexities of Caribbean heritage through ornate installations and captivating performance that create a space for transformation. Their practice centers on rediscovering and reclaiming the cultural, spiritual, and artistic legacies of her queer, AfroCuban, and Puerto-Rican intersection.