Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero aka DJ CQQCHIFRUIT is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist

of Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, originally from Miami, FL. In 2012 they received the

Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant for Feminine-Spectrum Artists of Color and went on to become

an organizer of Chances Dances, a DJ/artist collective in Chicago dedicated to building safer

spaces for all gender identities that also funds The Critical Fierceness Grant, a micro-grant for

local queer-identified artists. In January 2015 they co-founded TRQPITECA, a nightlife event in

Pilsen featuring artists working with queer and tropical aesthetics.  They have performed and

exhibited across the US and internationally in Cuba, Mexico, and Canada. In 2016 they became

a certified Reiki Master. SHE AND THEY 

Jacquelyn CARMEN Guerrero         IS            CQQCHIFRUIT